AdAge published an article today titled Google Is Doing Away With Ads Along the Right Rail for Desktop: Changes Will Likely Result in More Expensive Ads for Marketers.

For anyone buying sponsored listings with AdWords (on, know that the ads along the right side of the search engine results page that appear on desktop search queries will be GONE.

This Adwords change will decrease the number of ads shown (since they won’t be along the side of the search engine results page, only at the top now), which will most likely increase ad costs for advertisers.

According to the article, “Google said it will now show four ads at the top of search results — up from three — for high value search terms such as “car insurance,” “home loans” or “Chicago hotels,” for example”.

Effective today, the right side area will appear blank, show a Product Listing Ads or a knowledge boxes.

Ads are still being shown at the bottom page of search results.