Do you ever find yourself stuck either professionally or personally and end up mindlessly trolling through Facebook to give your brain a break from the puzzle of life?

 I admit that when I have been heads down on a project and can’t seem to get over a hump or simply can’t focus on work any more after hours in front of the computer, I turn to social media as a way to clear my mind and just zone out a bit.

With my love of animals, I am always drawn to the cute or funny animal videos. Last night I was watching a video that shows a honey badger named Stoffel and his determination to escape each and every enclosure his keepers create to keep him safe from lion attacks. It is amazing to see all the ways he devised to get out.

Today a friend posted the quote “Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.” I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quote and Stoffel embodies it perfectly. BE LIKE STOFFEL! It’s so important to realize that although your goal may never change, the way you get there might not always be the way you had planned!

For some motivation to keep going, watch this adorable honey badger as he gets super creative in reaching his goal!