When it comes time to purchase a product or service, branding is what helps customers think of you, remember you, and choose you over the competition. Branding is an identity for a business, but it’s not just a logo and design, your brand comes alive online – on your website, social media, in search results, in ads, email campaigns, and your content marketing.

Content marketing is one of the most overlooked branding opportunities to solidify credibility, visibility, sellability, and scalability.

Content marketing’s power is in the quality of the content (it needs to be relevant, user-friendly, and useful) as well as in the consistency of creation and sharing.

When you invest in ongoing content marketing strategy, customers are more likely to remember you and ultimately trust you more.

Marketing is holistic, all marketing assets need to work in unison. You can be the best at what you do but if customers can’t see and experience who you are as a brand, a disconnect is created.

Lorrie Thomas Ross MALorrie Thomas Ross, WMT’s CEO and Forbes Agency Council Member, shared her expertise in a Forbes article titled “16 Mistakes That Make Brands Seem Inconsistent To Audiences”.

She shares that “When brands leverage the power of content through websites, blogs, articles, video, social media, graphics, and photography to voice not just their value, but also their values, they create meaningful, memorable experiences that help brand, build and boost their business. There is often too big of a gap or disconnect between brand marketers and content marketers, which has to change. The way we reinforce the power of a brand is via content.”

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