Mitch Dunford, CEO of Insurance Journal, a company that embodies marketing best practices (they serve a niche, they rock in service/education and their web execution is brilliant) asked me to talk with him about media management, specifically web analytics.

Insurance Journal is one of the *best* companies I have ever had the pleasure of working for, so I was happy to get geeky and get interviewed to help!

In my podcast interview with Mitch, I compare web analytics technologies, talk pitfalls of “spam marketing,” (the practice of sending unsolicited emails to purchased email lists)and explain the fundamental principals of online marketing.  Then, we down down and web-geeky defining (once and for all!) terms like “hit”, “impressions”, “pageviews” and “unique users”.   I also get to rave about Google Analytics, and why it’s better then expensive competitors!

The podcast is under 30 minutes and is chock full of tips.  Stream this while you work – enjoy!!  Mitch and Insurance Journal – thank you for a great interview!