As most of our readers know, the wild web women team are total Google Girls.  And just when we thought we had it all, this week we learned about Google’s new SearchWiki tool that allows you to “make search your own”.  It’s nerdy cool…

I like to call this “all I want to see is what’s in it for me”  When you log into your Google account, you can alter your search results so they are most relevant to YOU.  Results you like you can “promote” and ones that you don’t want to see again you can “remove”.  You can add urls, change order of websites and make notes that you will always see when you are logged into your Google accounts.  Brilliant call for Google to give the power to their users and to once again, create more stickiness on their search engine to steal the hearts and minds of the web population.

Check out their explanation on how the new Search Wiki tool works and remember to log in to your Google Account and test it out.  Emilia told me to DO IT!  I did, it’s cool, now you do it!

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