I encourage all small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to think BIG about business and AIM HIGH when it comes to investing in smart marketing because the only boundaries we have on our business are the ones we create for ourselves!

However, I have been hearing myself repeatedly pausing professionals who are getting too “high” off the melange of the neato-coolio web-tool Koolaid (tools like e-Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Apps and more) and shooting (executing, implementing, using) from an overly buzzed “high” state.

Launching web marketing tools from an intoxicated state is NOT HEALTHY!

Aim High with Your Web Marketing but PLEASE execute Sober 🙂

Here is an example:
Passionate professionals go to conferences and hear about people using blogs as a great business tool.  The speakers are making money off blogs, so they drink the web-tool Koolaid and get “high” off the “me too” concept of a blog making his/her business boom and they go out, hire someone to build them a blog or get a free blog then start blogging…..and blogging….and nothing happens for business.

Then they come down from the high and it is not pretty 🙁

The high fades, the web tool is blamed and the unhealthy web junkie is off find their next web marketing quick fix.  The pattern continues.  There more disappointment, confusion, resentment, blaming of a blog (you may laugh, but I hear client blame technology before they own it themselves a LOT)

Web Marketing Diagnosis: The professional wants immediate stimulation off a web marketing tool.  The high highs and low lows are creating a love/hate relationship with web marketing.

Instead of UNDERSTANDING why the blog didn’t work, professionals often jump to the next web Koolaid tool, trying to get a business high off of it …and the unhealthy web marketing cycle continues.

The marketing madness has to stop!

Web Marketing Prescription: It’s time for a big old dose of reality and responsibility.  Understanding how to use the tools must happen before that next hit happens.

Web Marketing RX : Web Marketing Strategy FIRST, Web Marketing Execution Second!

There is NOTHING wrong with aiming high with your Web Marketing, but BEING HIGH on an idea without thinking strategically is a dangerous, dangerous approach to web marketing.

I LOVE the power of web marketing.  It can brand, build and boost business in ways that no other marketing channel can compete with.  Like any other part of your business, there MUST BE A PLAN and PURPOSE behind the use of the tool so your time, energy and money works for you.

I didn’t start Web Marketing Therapy because I wanted to run a web marketing agency.  I started this company because I was SICK of seeing inspiring professionals abuse web marketing tools and I wanted to help.  The Wild Web Woman support team feels the same way.

It is time to stop being a danger to yourself and others with high/drunk/buzzed web marketing execution.

Sober up, strategize, THINK and get clear on the purpose of your web work so it WORKS 🙂

Admitting you need web marketing help is the first step to recovery.  You can self-help by listening to our great podcasts, reading our recommended marketing self-help books, downloading our great (and FREE) e-Books, subscribing to this blog and making a commitment (yes, this is the part of web marketing therapy where you have to own it) to investing in getting your marketing healthy FIRST so you can aim high and shoot smart to get wealthy!

Web Marketing is an art and a science and it is also an investment.  Investing time, money, being willing to learn and understand will help you love web marketing and live a life of web marketing healthiness.