Web Marketing Therapy Facebook PageI recently had the opportunity to watch an Adobe AdLens webinar that was about maximizing Facebook ads and Facebook advertising ROI and effectiveness. According to Adobe, “recent reports suggest that Facebook advertising is not very effective, and when compared to other advertising channels (such as Google SEM and display) provides significantly less value.” Adobe also shared, “some surveys indicate that recent trends show Facebook ad spend is decreasing while investments into other online media (SEM, display) is increasing. However, other reports discuss brands that have found Facebook advertising to be effective and beneficial to its business.”

I took webinar notes for our blog readers (you guys : ) because it is important to stay up-to-date on social media and advertising opportunities that could help the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and goals. Here are some of the takeaways that I gained from the webinar:

  • This webinar examines: why advertise on Facebook?, approaches to successful Facebook ad campaigns, and optimizing Facebook advertising.
  • Facebook advertising opportunities: negotiated premium ad spots, biddable marketplace, word of mouth at scale via FB advertising sponsored stories
  • Facebook has a large and engaged audience. Brands have the opportunity to reach over 900 millon active monthly users.
  • Other stats: Nearly 400 million are active 6 out of 7 days a week and 3.2 Billion likes and comments on Facebook every day
  • Confusing Landscape: General Motors recently pulled ALL Facebook campaigns, another advertiser claimed 80% of their ad clicks were from bots and not from real users. That is why it is important to develop the best way to build metrics for your campaigns, plus target and optimize campaigns. First, find out what your objectives are with Facebook ads.
  • Social ROI is the measure of efficacy of marketing on social media via paid, organic and earned media.
  • It is important to have a strategic long term view because social is all about ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing which takest time to build and investment to engage.
  • Like TV, social response curves improve overtime with increased reach and frequency. Broad targeting gets you volume, specific targeting can get you efficiency.
  • Keep ad creative fresh and direct: Test promotions, offers, etc. and update frequently to avoid audience fatigue.
  • Creative and targeting determines the success of your Facebook ad campaign.

I hope you get the opportunity to watch this webinar and take your own notes. And lastly, I ask: “What do you think about Facebook advertising and how should you be incorporating it into your media mix?”