I was checking out the iMediaConnection story this morning that shares how the Wild Web Women got our titles, as well as Lorrie’s definition of a Web Marketing intervention (it’s a fun and informative read!) and stumbled upon another excellent article by Frank O’Brien the founder of Conversation.

He begins the article “6 Reasons to Rethink Your Website” by explaining that websites need to be an experience (social, mobile and interactive!)  He then outlines brilliantly why you should take a close look at your website design and online presence and ensure that you are reaching your target market through all available means that make sense for YOUR business and target market, while you engage your customers/clients online, reward their loyalty and control what is being said about your business on the web.

Frank’s article is an excellent example of WHY the Wild Web Women® of Web Marketing Therapy® believe there are no SHOULDS only COULDS!  What works for one business may not work for another – there are no cookie cutter marketing plans that work for every single business.  As strategists one needs to look at the whole marketing puzzle and only implement items that make sense for YOU!

Is it time for you to rethink YOUR website?

We would love to help you put together all the pieces of your marketing puzzle!