Almost everyone is practicing some form of social distancing and it is changing the way businesses communicate with their clients.  With so many people working from home and spending increased amounts of time online, it’s the perfect opportunity to ensure you are supporting your clients and preparing your business for life after we get to emerge from our homes.

Here are some of the things we’ve been helping our client do that we’d love to share with you!

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Web Marketing During Social Distancing

1 | Increase Your Site Speed

Site speed is more important than ever! With large amounts of time being spent online, it’s important that your site is loading quickly. Thi is for search engine optimization (search engines favor speedier sites) and user experience! The recommended page load time is under 3 seconds. This truly is a case of faster is better. For every second your site takes to load, the probability of people leaving (the bounce rate) goes up. We recommend evaluating your hosting, installing page load optimizations and removing any unused or bloated plugins. Making sure visitors to your site can actually SEE your site leads to better visibility and usability. If you’d like us to give you recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us!

WMT Think with Google Page Loading Statistics

Learn more about page load time from Think with Google.

2 | Give to Gain

What do you know that you can share with your audience to help them in these unsettling times? The mind is for thinking, not storing, sharing is caring! Content marketing is EVERYTHING! Use content to build meaningful connections with your readers. This is a time when strong brands will not only survive, but thrive! Take the time to be great to your customers by being helpful and sensitive, serving and supporting them. Review all of your content to make sure it is relevant and helpful. Serve and support your audience with helpful content.

3 | Make the Most of the Slow Times

In this time of pause, it’s a gift (that’s why it’s called the PRESENT!) Now is the time to focus on strategy. Perform an audit on your website. Add more depth, improve conversions (behind the scenes), clear clutter from your website and work items. Less is more in today’s mobile centric world! Review your overall marketing spend. Take the time to review and revive your processes so when things do pick up again, you will be optimized and ready to go.

4 | Digitalize

This is the time to digitalize! Digital buying behavior is changing, but will become the new normal. Things like working from home, curbside pickups and food delivery will likely continue moving forward, even when things do get back to normal. Highlight those services now. Find ways to continue to serve your clients. Bend, pivot and be flexible in how you are doing business and integrate your learning, so you can make the most of the insights you have and improve on what you were doing before all this began.

5 | Up Your Social Media Game

Take the time to go through your scheduled social media posts and ensure they are all relevant. Helpful is the name of the game – create posts that will help in big or small ways. Take time to use tools like to make cool images to support your content.


Don’t think of this time as lost, rather take advantage of every moment to create the company and culture that resonates with your clients and it will impact your business in positive ways in the future.