Ladders is a website dedicated to posting about career news, advice, and tools for getting hired. They also offer a resume-building and online-job searching service. They posted an article on their career advice blog on how to improve your public speaking skills. In this article, Ladder obtained sound advice from experts, including advice from Lorrie Thomas Ross, Web Marketing Therapy’s CEO.

For many, the sheer thought of standing in front of an audience induces sweating, wobbly knees, and stuttering. Ross acknowledges this anxiety as unavoidable, but explains that having anxiety about public speaking just means that you care enough about doing the best you can. She also mentions that everyone – seasoned public speakers and newbies alike – suffers from some form of public speaking anxiety. She encourages you to use that knowledge to get past those initial butterflies and get into what you have to say.

Ross reminds us simply that the basic idea behind public speaking is delivering a message. She encourages speakers to put themselves in the mindset of serving the audience. Remembering this key piece of advice will prompt you to take the pressure off of yourself, and will help you learn to focus solely on delivering your message – rather than focusing on yourself or how you’re perceived.

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