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"Top 25 Digital Marketing Tips & Ideas From The Pros"


Ladders - February 2018
"27 Tips to be a Better Public Speaker"

US News and World Report

U.S. News & World Report - September 2017
"10 Tips to Inspire College Essays"

Working Mother

Working Mother - July 2017
"I Can’t Unplug from Work"

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition - May 2017
"Managing Multiple Personas"

The Entrepreneur Way

The Entrepreneur Way - December 2016
"Success Comes in Cans and Failure Comes in Can'ts"


Communication World Magazine - October 2016
"PR Practice in the Social Media Age"


IE3 – October 2016
"Top Secrets of Online Marketers"

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Nation 1099 - August 2016
"How to Salvage a Bad Client Relationship"

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Vows Magazine - July 2016

Fast Company

PolicyGenius - July 2016
"8 ways to brand yourself"


Univision - January 2016
"Reinvent Yourself Professionally"

Womens Health

Womens Health - October 2015
"Holistic Health: Treating the Whole Person"

Radio X

Business News Daily - February 2015
"21 Ways to Be a Better Boss"

Radio X

Business RadioX - March 2015
"Radio Interview with Lorrie Thomas Ross."


Inc. Magazine - February 2015
"How to Make Users Love Your Website"


ProfNet - January 2015
"Top Professional Goals of 2015" - April 2013
"How to Sell Your Expertise." - March 2013
"A Green Martha Stewart."

Reading Eagle Business Weekly

Reading Eagle Business Weekly - February 2013
"A Green Martha Stewart."

Loop 21

J.O.B. Radio Show - December 2012
"Brand Building Basics" Interview The J.O.B. Radio Show with Host Larry Olson recently featured Online

8 Mandates

Featured in Book - November 2012
"8 Mandates for Social Media Marketing Success."

Business Interviews

Business Interviews - September 2012
"Wild Web Woman Talks Online Success Tips."

MSN’s Business on Main

MSN’s Business on Main - September 2012
"How Standout Design Can Boost Your Brand and Sales."

Investor’s Business Daily

Investor’s Business Daily - July 2012
"What to Do If You Didn’t Mean To Post It."

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal - July 2012
"Hoping to Fix Bad Reviews? Not So Fast."

American Medical Association

American Medical Association - June 2012
"How some physicians use YouTube for networking."

Baseline Magazine

Baseline Magazine - May 2012
"Good Customer Care Builds Loyalty."

Yahoo News

Yahoo News - May 2012
Yahoo! News featured Lorrie Thomas Ross aka The Marketing Therapist® on presenting her keynote address "MarkEDing: Marketing’s New Connective Success Strategy" about the future of marketing at the Missouri State University’s 2012 Public Affairs Conference.

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle - April 2012
SFGATE features Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO of Web Marketing Therapy® and Author of new "Online Marketing Fundamentals" video tutorial that launched recently on - November 2011
"Influence: Persuasion and Action through Social Media" panel at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

Fox Business

Fox Business - September 2011
"Designer Diapers: Sales Booster or Bum Idea?"

eCommerce Times

eCommerce Times - June 2011
FCC’s involvement on cracking down telecom cramming and how consumers have taken to online forums and business ratings sites.


Success - March 2011
"Spend Your Way to Prosperity"


Featured in Book - January 2011
"30-Minute Social Media Marketing."

iMedia Connection

iMedia Connection - July 2010
"Five Out of the Box Marketing Jobs."


JWT - July 2010
Lorrie Thomas, MA, CEO of Web Marketing Therapy® featured as a global panelist for JWT’s Social Media Checklist Report.


MarketingVox - June 2010
"Are Banner Ads Dead?"


Inc. Magazine - May 2010
Lorrie Thomas, MA, The Marketing Therapist® and CEO of Web Marketing Therapy® quoted in Inc. Magazine on the importance of landing pages.


Entrepreneur - June 2009
"Become an Industry Expert."