Virtual Word Specialist

"Being positive in a negative situation is not naïve, its leadership." – Ralph Marston

Mary SandorMary Sandor creates web content and social media strategies for clients of Web Marketing Therapy. She credits her varied background including sales and marketing management, world travel and working on a cruise ship as important learning experiences. Unique experiences are her foundation and what she says is her innate ability "to connect with people from all walks of life on many levels."

An airline-brat since birth, Mary believes her broad global perspective and life experiences help clients create content that becomes their voice on the web. She LOVES her virtual work and has embraced a very healthy lifestyle that feeds both her body and her intellect. She lives on a sailboat and has created a house sitting company so she doesn’t just work from home – she works from many! Her passion for health and wellness begins every day before the computer goes on, often hitting the running trails or gym before dawn. Her belief is that healthy powerful marketing skills are fueled by a healthy body that is carefully nourished every day!

  • Diagnosis: A reformed gypsy with many interests and few good stories to tell with the ability to help clients shape their marketing stories too
  • Addictions: Twitter and Instagram. Food: Brown rice cakes with almond butter and pink salt crystals and anything with butter!
  • Obsessions: Anything salted caramel, fasted workouts, making social media connections, my iPhone and Oscar Peterson
  • Phobias: To get stagnant and no longer be curious about the world or be willing to grow.
  • Compulsive Behaviors: Checking social media and email too often!
  • Self-medicates with: Trident peppermint gum, trail running, green tea and adaptogenic herbs