Web Marketing Therapy Intern

"If you remain teachable then all of life will show up to teach you something golden." - Hannah Brencher

Hannah LansfordHannah Lansford loves to create for people. Whether it's taking candid photos of her friends or cross stitching or hand- lettering inspiring quotes to be hung in someone's home, she finds joy in being able to make something for others that will somehow help them, teach them, or encourage them. This passion for creating and her love of the always-changing world of technology has led Hannah to pursue a career path that will allow her to put both of those loves into everyday work.

Hannah is a student at Georgia Southern University, studying Information Technology with a specialization in Web and Mobile foundations. She serves as an Executive Board member for the Women In Technology organization at her school, which gives her great opportunities to connect and lead a group of many other young women who are pursuing technology-related careers. Hannah is a lover of all arts, especially music, and is a member of the top performing band ensemble at Georgia Southern playing both the oboe and English horn.

Between classes and web work, Hannah enjoys reading as many blog posts and books as she can, especially those related to web design and freelancing. She's an old soul who loves writing handwritten letters to send in the mail and talking to her friends on the phone for hours.

  • Diagnosis: Typical college student trying to absorb as much advice and information from 'real' adults before entering the real world
  • Addictions: Instagram, Hannah Brencher's writing, books written by women
  • Obsessions: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, minimalism & sustainability, glitter, and floral patterns on anything and everything (Rifle Paper Company is my weakness)
  • Phobias: Publishing grammatical errors anywhere online, my hard drive crashing, losing personal photos
  • Compulsive Behaviors: Buying cute stationary and stickers (the dollar section at Target gets me every single time), booking tickets to speaking events, buying more books before finishing the ones I already have
  • Self-medicates with: Podcasts, journaling, quality time with friends and family, phone calls with my sister