Part of my Marketing Therapist work includes re-training client brains who have fallen too hard for slimy sales pitches or “get rich quick” plans. When professionals know who they are and what they stand for (and standing for something does not mean making a fast buck) then they are far less likely to be taken advantage of or make poor marketing choices.

Example: I help passionate professionals (small business, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals) implement healthy marketing solutions. I WILL NOT keep quiet if professionals are being dangers to themselves and others. I WILL NOT support poor marketing choices and I WILL NOT implement marketing that is not in a smart order. Strategy first, execution second is my mantra.

My websites and share my approach, authenticity and distinct authority. I pre-quality the right clients, workshops attendees, speaking agents and students. My intention is also to de-tract professionals who are not the right fit.

Like my clients and students, I too get pitched on marketing services. Because I know who I am, how I generate the right clients and what I stand for, I do not fall for anything that comes across my desk or email inbox.

I am a healthy skeptic. I love to learn and love to have my brain opened up to new ideas. How I choose to implement web marketing (or any marketing) is based on what Web Marketing Therapy stands for, my goals and our long term plans. I implement marketing based on what will support this.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”
– Alexander Hamilton

Healthy marketing communicates your value, values and creates a voice for your organization. If you do not know the value you provide to your prospective market, what your personal values are and how the web can create a voice for your organization…. then STOP, reflect and revamp your communications.

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