Is Your SEO Apropos or a No?
Is Your SEO Apropos or a No?

How appropriate that the image I chose to enhance this post was named “ethical SEO”!  So this great semi-satirical article was posted on Slate on Tuesday, and I had to share!

But first!  Before I link to the article, please read it knowing that there is a lesson or two in there:  Keyword stuffing is a big SEO “NO”.  This article also is a great example of how some web publications try to “outsmart” search engines.  Neither of these are on Web Marketing Therapy’s “Healthy Marketing” list.  And it also has interesting speculations about the future of Google’s algorithms . . . oh, and it discusses AOL’s acquisition of Huffington Post, but that’s just an aside. LOL! You’ll be laughing too after you read it.

With that said, enjoy the article!

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