I was interviewed by Intuit’s Small Business for a blog post called, Why Social Media Isn’t Paying Off for Your Business. I was asked to share tips on what businesses can do to make their investment work.  It’s a good dose of social media medicine to read the post, and I invite you to share it with others who may need the advice.  A recap of my points from the interview are below.  Huge thanks to Amy Beth Miller who interviewed me.  She is a writer and editor who has been helping people succeed in business for more than a decade.  I am so appreciate that she brought up this critical topic to help educate more small businesses.  Here’s to using social media in a way that works!

Tips for Social Media Success:

Plan out your social media journey.
Instead of diving in, head first, into social media, plan and determine what you wish to accomplish with your social media marketing. Think of the topics you want to focus on and create a consistent theme and design. Planning will help you out in the long run.

Have conversations with the customer.
When a customer walks into your store or office, the first words out of your mouth probably aren’t, “We are XYZ Company. Buy this. Buy that.” But that’s what so many business social media postings sound like! Instead of selling, introduce yourself and get to know your clients. And whatever you do, do not talk at your clients. Instead, talk with them. Who wants to be talked at?

Teach and educate.
Educate people on your social media about your products or services. Remember, you know your service or product like nobody else does! Social media is a great tool to answer frequently asked questions and to pre-qualify customers.

Make social connections.
Mention other people and businesses on social media and make sure you tag and link to them as well. An example of this would be an organic produce company that posts recipes  – they could tag a particular juice brand in a recipe. Networking on social media will help increase the visibility of your messages – it’s something I love to do and you should too!

Use the F Word – FUN!
You need to be fun in social media (it’s not called ANTIsocial media for a reason)  and look for ways to post content that people will want to share. Like I say in the small business social media article, “You don’t have been funny, but you do need to be fun.” Apply these tips and in no time, you’ll be on your way to becoming a social media rock star.

Well….what are you waiting for?!!

Virtual Marketing Hugs,
-The Marketing Therapist

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