I made a list of my favorite social media tips to be prepared for a social media panel that I will be participating in next month. There are over 50 tips on my list, and here are some highlights:

#1. Before you dive deep into social media: know who you are, know your audience, and know your strategy.
– Are you sending your audience to your site? Your blog? Does your site efficiently communicate your brand message? If not, work on your site first before you dive into Social Media.

#2. Social Media is about engagement and listening. (Listen and respond vs. push out)

#3. Small businesses have the opportunity to control their voice and brand on the web. (Protect your brand)

Steve Rubel Social Media Infographic
Sizzling summer social media major milestones by Steve Rubel.


#4. It is a customer support tool and it empowers the consumer to be a PROsumer.

#5. Social Media is good for branding, positioning, and ranking #1 in Google for your business name.


#6. Small Businesses have the opportunity to connect with decision markers. (Opportunity to partner and align themselves with industry leaders.)

#7. If all else fails – make social media entertaining – don’t make it too complicated.


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