I met Caroline Donahue at a SmartyLA event that I taught at in Beverly Hills.  When I asked the attendees at the Web Marketing Workshop to introduce themselves, Caroline introduced herself as the founder of Remabulous (that’s both Remarkable and Fabulous, by the way!)

I was immediately attracted to her because 1. she was a woman that made up words like the Wild Web Women at WMT, and 2. I learned that her profession was helping professionals Re-Write their Story to Create a Remabulous Life, how cool is that!!??

Caroline and I both share a passion for helping professionals thrive.  Her approach and Master’s In Psych made her very therapeutic (and perfect!) invite to guest post on the WMT blog to help our readers get inspired and own their professional success.

Web Marketing isn’t just about search optimization, emails, websites and social media, it’s about bringing your passion to the forefront to attract the right clients.  (People want to play with fun, functional people!)

Caroline – thanks for the great post!  WMT blog followers – enjoy! 🙂

**Guest Post from Caroline Donahue of Remabulous Coaching

Find peace and strength in a crazy time – the Remabulous way!

Caroline Donahue of Remabulous is Remarkable AND Fabulous!
Caroline Donahue of Remabulous is Remarkable AND Fabulous!

Greetings wonderful readers of Web Marketing Therapy’s fantabulous blog! My name is Caroline Donahue, owner of Remabulous Coaching. (Remabulous = remarkable + fabulous)

I work with creative professionals and help them break down large-scale projects into steps that are manageable and fun.

I am so honored to be able to connect with you through this guest post. During these crazy times we are witnessing, I am seeing many clients who feel like they are being tossed around a big wild ocean in a tiny little boat. Many of us are finding that it is much easier to get sucked into overwhelm and fear these days.

We don’t have to let fear run the show. In fact, working with that fear can be the key to moving us forward towards our goals.

Here is the process I use with clients to help them get their professional boat back on track:

First, write a list of every fear that is coming up for you. And I mean everything.  Yes, you need to put the “fear of living in a cardboard box” or “moving into the garage and subletting your home”.  “They’re all going to laugh at me” should go on there, too.  Some people find it easier to leave a pad of paper out in their workspace so they can add to it as they think of fears.

When that list feels complete, set it aside for a day or two.  Let it settle.  Then look at it again with fresh eyes.  How many of these fears are really just anxiety?  These are the ones that might make you laugh as you read them again.  Then pay attention to the fears that feel like legitimate concerns.  Put stars next to them and set the list aside again.

Next, we’re going to work with that part of us that wanted to start working in this amazing creative

Own the fear, move past it to have success!
Own the fear, move past it to have success!

business in the first place. The part that sings when we think about the work we are putting out in the world. I promise that part is still there. Getting the fear out of the way makes this part easier to find.

Sit quietly and close your eyes. You might want to light a candle or some incense, too. Feel the excited and inspired part of you come forward. Then ask it, “Why do I do this work that I do?  What is my vision for my business?” Sit for a few minutes and let the answer come. Then write down what you get.

Many of us work in creating visions, but I find it is much easier to contact our centered place once we let the fear speak first.  It will stay out of the way if it feels like it’s gotten to speak its peace.

Now look at the answer you got.  Think of the reason you are doing this as a powerful compass that you can take with you whenever you work on your business.  If you have a compass on your boat, you can learn to navigate around the storms and still find your harbor.

Revisit the list of your fears. Look at the starred items. Then read through your “Compass” writing.  How can you hold onto those values while still addressing the fear?  I am sure that having this compass as a reference will help you come up with new and more empowered ideas.

Keep the compass writing where you can reach it easily. Read it on a regular basis and when you are making big decisions. Think of each decision as an opportunity to tack in your boat- will the choice you plan to make take you closer to or further away from your compass vision and your end goal?

By navigating from an internal authority, you will feel stronger when dealing with realities we can control or predict outside. Hold on to what is important to you and you will find more peace right now.

Caroline – thanks for a GREAT post!!   Where were you when I was going through the fear of launching Web Marketing Therapy !!??  🙂

If you’d like to work on your work process individually, please contact Caroline at info@remabulous.com.  Caroline is available for individual and group coaching.  She blogs at Remabulous.typepad.com and her newsletter sign-up is: www.remabulouscoaching.com.


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