Interviewing wild web women who make a meaningful contribution in cyberspace always rocks my she-geek world.  I virtually met Dani Spies, L.A. based Culinary Nutritionist and a Certified Fitness Trainer when she flexed her video “weblebrity” skills featuring a butter lettuce recipe for a client a few years ago and have had a girl crush on her ever since.  I love her web solution and her “Clean, Simple, Delicious Living” video blog.  Her authenticity, passion for sharing healthy (but non-depriving) foods and showing (vs. just telling) her advice via brilliant videos makes her a positive web marketing role model.

This wild web woman is married to Beng Spies, the video master behind her stellar vlog (video + blog = vlog) and is also a new mom (congrats!)

Dani is an example of a woman who can have it all and look cute while doing it (the camera does not lie!) Enjoy the blog inspiration and Dani, thanks for a great interview!

Meet Dani Spies, Dani Spies, Vlogger and Culinary Weblebrity
If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Curious, analytical and silly.

What online social media platform are you most addicted to? (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linked, etc).
Twitter.  Although I need to tweet more and stalk less.

Dani Spies, Wild Web Woman and Video Goddess

Please share a professional phobia or obsession -confession session!
This is easy -my phobia hands down is a fear of being wrong, which is SO silly because I am wrong ALL the time!

What do you believe successful wild web woman traits are?
Vision, consistency, and the ability to be wrong A LOT and keep moving forward.

How do you indulge yourself (every once in a while!) to stay healthy and balanced?

What are the top three most vital marketing ingredients that have helped you become the professional you are today?
I don’t!  I always want to learn!

Where do you find inspiration to continue growing your business?
It’s my passion.  I can’t not do it 🙂 I want to share what I know and learn.

When you are faced with a setback or an enormous business challenge, what do you do to keep moving forward?
Stay focused on my goals.

Who is your personal role model? What about this person do you truly admire and aspire to?
Yikes, so many.  Ellen, Oprah, Tosca Reno

What has been your biggest achievement recently that you are proud of?
Becoming a Mom.

What are your goals for this upcoming year?
To wrap my mind around social networking and marketing and use it to help reach a larger audience.

What is your ideal work outfit?  (We work in our PJs whenever we can, what about you?)
Workout clothes since I am always balancing the computer, the kitchen, a baby, and errands I like to be comfortable and mobile without having to worry about getting dirty!

What do you think is the most challenging part about being a female entrepreneur? How do you overcome this challenge?

Working alone most of the time.  I am a synergestic-kind-of-gal.  I thrive off of team work but right now most of what I am doing is solo at my desk or in my kitchen.  I know as I am able to grow my vision this will change so I try to stay focused on the bigger picture.

What is the ONE web marketing best practice that you would share with other Web Marketing Therapy readers?
Consistency, consistency, consistency.

See Dani’s Latest VideoIn Web Marketing, We Call Video “Show Me to Tell Me”
Quality Videos make a BIG Difference~

Learn more about Dani Spies, get great delicious recipe ideas and get inspired with ways to rock the web –


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