The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.
-Gloria Steinem

Happy Monday wild web marketing readers!  Today’s Monday Marketing Motivation is a little on the “tough love” side, but it is a healthy dose of Marketing Rx that will help you get your marketing healthy, so keep reading….

Sometimes the truth hurts, especially when it comes to our web marketing work.  When we can check our egos at the door and focus on what is REALLY important (serving our customers, helping attract the right customers and doing great work) then the truth WILL set us free and allow us to grow and build healthy web marketing foundations.

I received an email from a marketing colleague over the weekend.  In typical small world style, he is now advising a client that I did a marketing therapy session with a few years ago.  In his email to me he said that I “offended” his client because I told them that I didn’t think their marketing tagline was a helpful marketing asset to them.

I went back to the former client’s website and reviewed the tagline I poo-pooed and I have not changed my mind 🙂  The tagline has no distinctive value and is not compelling.  It is a marketing waste of space and words.  It lives on every page of this client’s website and needs to be a marketing communication asset working to brand, build and boost business.  What is there now is weak and non-nourishing marketing wise!

Some professionals would rather pay people to agree with them versus look honestly at marketing.  Those of us who can check our egos at the door and be willing to at least consider expert advice can make marketing improvements and grow.

I eat my humble pie every day when the Wild Web Women help me challenge ideas, present new web marketing rules, have healthy discussions with me about how to best advise our clients and I LOVE THEM for having marketing balls!

I also eat my marketing truth prescriptions outside the agency.  Lately, I have had several calls with trusted colleagues who have called me on our hidden web marketing agency services page.  They honestly said that this page is not making it quickly clear the full suite of what we do.  Shame on me for not putting that page up in better space but thank you colleagues for helping me see the marketing truth!

I could get offended about the hidden web marketing agency services (since it was my choice to put that agency services page where it is now) or blame my web design firm for not putting in the main navigation earlier, but it is my fault and I need to own it (and pay to fix it).  Was I pissed initially?  Yes, but I could have said “I already paid for my site and I don’t want to pay to change it”  but that isn’t helping anyone.

I am a Marketing Therapist who can take her own medicine.  I would rather focus on the CAUSE of my marketing and invest in smarter collateral then be a marketing know-it-all.  I will lick my wounds and get over it…time heals everything!

If you want to win big with smart web marketing and you can handle the truth, then you are on the right website.  Take advantage of our Free Web Marketing Therapy resources, listen to our podcasts, critically assess your web marketing efforts, make optimizations and always explore new channels.

And if you are going to spend the money for web marketing experts to help you, be ready to accept that there will be uncomfortable marketing moments in the process…that is what web marketing therapy involves!!! 🙂

Being uncomfortable means your ideas are being challenged and that is healthy! Even if the critical assessment work ends up that your marketing (or parts of it) stays the same, then at least you did the therapy work to solidify and secure your confidence in what you are doing.

I heard a friend say once (he is a financial planner) to a prospective client that “If you are so confident in what you are doing, then you should be secure enough to get a second opinion”.  I love that!

I always tell my clients, prospective clients, students and team that we get paid to be GOOD not always NICE.  If I kissed a%$, then I would not be where I am today.  I have taken the clients who CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH and the ones who were ready to do the personal work have made marketing breakthroughs!

The truth will set you free, and yes, when you stare it in the face, it will piss you off because that means you have to do work and accept that what you have isn’t perfect.

I would rather be uncomfortable, a little vulnerable and be willing to be called on my crap then fall victim to perfectionism and fear of failure anyday.

If you are ready to get on the therapy couch and own the critical web marketing optimization steps of:

ASSESSING your web marketing (critically)

OPTIMIZING what isn’t working so your marketing is on a healthy foundation

Then exploring NEW channels that may be out of your comfort zone

Then your marketing will get healthier and you can get wealthier.

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  • Just wanted to let everyone know I had the pleasure of hearing Lorrie speak at SBCC Friday evening. It was interesting, informative, and inspiring. I did want to see if Lorrie could post some of those sites referenced in your presentation…it was two hours and seemed like one.
    Thanks Lorrie

  • David – thanks for the nice post! You made my Monday!!!

    I doubly love that you are using the power of blogs to get the feedback you wanted!!

    As per your request, some of the great sites I shared in the session include: Website Grader FREE tool to help you evaluate your website’s search ranking (and it gives tips on how to improve it) the BEST site for social media anything a free tool to automatically feed your blog into your twitter account a tool to ping all your social media accounts with one post another tool to ping all your social media accounts with one post a coolio social media app that allows you to manage your social media content in one easy to access place…you can even queue up posts in advance

    If there is anything else I can post – holler!

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