Authenticity is all about being yourself
Authenticity is all about being yourself

Halloween is one of those great non-secular holidays that has a fun, silly focus.  Gifts are not required, creativity is at an all time high, obscene amounts of candy are consumed and getting into costume helps folks take on a new identity for the day and HAVE FUN (thank gawad some holidays can be stress free and fun!).

The silly emails that ran through my email inbox on Halloween included many of my colleagues pooches on costume parade, which was total comic relief, let me tell ya!

And because I am a diseased marketer, the brilliant dog costumes also got me thinking about web marketing (I know, it’s a problem that I can never turn it off) Web marketing but specifically about blogging.  The New Rules of Marketing are all about tapping the power of social media – building community and connection through your authentic voice.  In the era of prosumers (thank you David Meerman Scott for that phrase) we want access to information from people we:


-and TRUST

And those people we know, like and trust are blog babes!  The power of web marketing can be ruled with an authentic voice, VALUABLE content and a FUN user experience.

Here is a postive role model to learn from – Meet Joan Mayer, Dog Trainer, Dog Behavior Counselor and Coach She is not only the most rocking dog trainer I have ever known, but she is also a blog babe!  Check out her Dog Training Blog.  I originally set Joan up with her Dog Training Blog so she could have a place to offer her valuable insight and answer the questions she gets asked by clients and students (one answer to share vs answering 100s of emails a day) and so her expertise could live on the web.  She is all over blogging now, but months ago, she was still finding her voice and was not totally down with blog writing…. 
Poncho has his own blog and it's better than yours
Poncho’s blog kicks your blog’s butt

But before I could even do web marketing therapy on her to help her find her authentic voice, she did what I had never seen done in blog land before – she kickstarted her blog voice search by launching a blog in her dog Poncho’s voice!  The blog is f-ing hysterical and damn accurate (I swear, if you met this dog, you would know that he would totally write like this!

Blogging is a great web marketing tool if you know who you are, know what you believe in, can write authentically (that means you do not live in the vortex of what everybody thinks fear) and your content is valuable. What I learned from Joan that you all can learn from is that you need to blog on your terms and only your terms, which is exactly what she did and it works. 
Tap authentic power on your terms and don’t forget to have fun while you are at it!


  • Hey there Miss. Lorrie – Wow, you’ve really said some fantastic things about me and my mom. You’ve been such an inspiration to us both. Mom is totally loving the whole world of blogging, as am I – and we both have no one other than you to thank for it! The only issues at home are 1) there are times when mom and I have to fight over the computer 2) I can’t get mom to clean up her desk! Geez what a slob! Other than that, blogging has been a great way for me to share my dogginess with the world…and to spend time learning more about all of you interesting humans. Hugs and woofs Miss. Lorrie!

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